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When setting a mouse trap, place it next to a wall, perpendicular, with the plunger closest to the wall. Try different baits to overcome trap avoidance: peanut butter, snack type prunes, even had one mouse that preferred cool ranch doritos.

  • The height of the grass blade corresponds to the root depth. Mow your grass at the highest mower setting for a healthier lawn.


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  • Scorpions: Clean up clutter. Seal up. Trap with glue boards. Apply pesticide at the highest labeled rate.
  • Sometimes cyclical events happen, and we get, literally, tons of a particular bug. Be patient. The better response is a broom and a dust pan. Spraying pesticide is a waste in these circumstances. They will go away on their own.

A lot of American Roaches may indicate a plumbing issue.

An important tactic in the control of ants is to identify and learn about them!

  • To help control spiders, remove webs, reduce what they prey on.


  • Read the label on the pesticide before you use it. More is not better and where you put it is really important for success!
  • Keep wood and paper cleaned up and away from the outside perimeter  of your home
  • For the most part, never prune anything in the fall. 

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