Monthly and Quarterly Services:

With monthly service we come by once a month and treat the inside and outside of the structure. On the inside around doors, window sills, baseboards, plumbing openings, garage and utility spaces and are keeping an eye out for issues. On the outside, around doors, windows, utility and cable openings, weep holes as well as looking for issues. With this service, if a problem arises between monthly appointments, like ants in the kitchen, we'll come and treat it for you, as part of your regular service.


With quarterly service we come by four times a year to treat the inside of your home as with monthly, and power spray the outside. This means we use larger equipment to apply larger volumes 3 feet up and out from your structure, under the eaves, around windows and doors, around any utility openings.

Many of our customers have both monthly and quarterly service.



Weeds are always an issue in the southwest, even in the xeriscaped yard. We can help you stay ahead them with regular or periodic application of herbicide.

Tree Care:

We can do light pruning, pesticide, fungicide and fertilizer applications.


We have plenty of termites in our area. Some are not a threat to a structure, others can do a lot of damage. We utilize a Termatrac inspection device, as well as a Flir infrared camera, 

​If you have bees in a structure they need to be removed as well as the honeycomb. Africanized bees are particularly nasty and need to be addressed.



If you have regular service, and wasps happen to take up residence, we'll be happy to come by and remove them at no charge. Typically wasps are not very aggressive, but be careful, they can sting more than once! 


If mice can get their head through an opening (as small as the diameter of a pencil) they are in. Roof rats can be really frustrating and have to be trapped (Poison baits can result in a dead, rotting rat in your ceiling or wall. Been there. Don't want to do that again). Mice and rats reproduce quickly!


The large rusty colored roach you see running around is probably the American cockroach. It may have come up a drain, from under a toilet that's not sealed and the wax ring has failed, or under an exterior door. German roaches are the worst roach you can have. Nasty. Count on three or four months of regular service, as well as sanitation and repairs to get rid of them.


In our area, fleas are usually associated with a pet. Get the pet to the vet. Vacuum and vacuum, throwing away the bags. Remove pet bedding. If this doesn't fix the issue we can treat. Usually required two treatments in a month, one for the adults and the next to treat the newly hatched.



These can be a pain, in more ways than one! Mostly we have the striped bark scorpion. Unless you have medical issues they are not medically significant. Scorpions are a tough ancient arachnid, that can go months without eating or drinking. Control involves cleaning clutter, sealing up, trapping, application of pesticide at a strength recommended by the label.


Treatment for ants involves identification, tracking, baiting and treating. Identifying the ant is key.



Black widows are common and love the rock walls we have an abundance of. In our area, the Brown recluse is not as prevalent and not likely to be in your house, more associated with outdoor landscape and clutter. 



If the birds are nesting, you'll have to put up netting. If they are just hanging out, bird spikes or electric track will help.

Commercial, Residential, Non-Profit, Public

We are presently woking with residential, churches, non-profits, businesses, and government customers.

Integrated Pest Management

IPM looks at the whole picture. A simple repair might solve the issue,


Handyman (small repairs)
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