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Cutting dead wood out of a willow


Rock squirrels that climbed up the hutch and (without fully thinking it through) jumped into a can to get at some chicken feed. They're omnivorous which, in this case, means the coop keeper was loosing lots of eggs. Squirrels relocated. 

One of many entrances found at a home with a roof rat problem. This is looking up into a corner of the eave. It's a small hole, but big enough for a young rat. The vegetation leading to the hole was removed prior to this shot.

The non-native, invasive Mediterranean House Gecko. Kind of cute bug eaters, but If one gets into your computer, you won't care. Think computer fried gecko or gecko fried computer. 

We called a local beekeeper to collect this swarm, which, they will typically do for free.

The only way to stop pigeons from nesting in a nook like this is to exclude them. Cabling and netting is the way to go.


If pigeons are nesting in an area, spikes will not stop them. Note the spikes are all covered in poop and a pigeon sitting on a nest (green arrow).